Tube Bundle System


Delta Automation has designed a Tube Bundle gas monitoring system utilising an open air architecture which enables natural ventilation. The resultant system, maximizes safety while minimizing system complexity while still maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. High quality Emerson analysers are used to ensure accuracy and reliability. System number one was installed and commissioned in early 2012, system number two was installed and commissioned at Chain Valley Colliery in early 2013 and system number three has been completed and is scheduled for installation at Ashton mine.

Tube Bundle Key Features

Delta Automation Tube Bundle systems are designed from the ground up to comply with the all relevant Australian Standards including AS3000 and in adherence to the NSW Coal Mine Regulations. Configured to measure standard mine gases using an Emerson gas analyser the Delta Automation Tube Bundle System provide a high level of accuracy, fast response time and long term stability. The Tube Bundle System can also be configured with a Gas Chromatograph to regularly sample gas lines to detect and record other gases such as hydrogen, ethylene, ethane and acetylene.

The analyser is connected via Ethernet which allows remote access for high level diagnostics. IP cameras can also be supplied to enable remote monitoring.

All major components are mounted on a front panel for ease of viewing, while rotameters are mounted on all tubes to allow for easily viewing on each line. Care in design of the flow path result in exceptionally low purge time between samples. Standby sample and purge pumps are supplied connected, ready to operate allowing for rapid recovery time in the event of a pump failure.

All components used in the Delta Automation Tube Bundle system are IECEX rated, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with Australian standards.

Tube Bundle Design

Delta Automation Tube bundle huts have been designed in consultation with mine Ventilation Officers as well as representatives from the Department of Primary Industry in order to maximize functionality while ensuring compliance with all relevant standards.

Prior to manufacture, the system design was assessed for hazardous zoning to determine the types of components which were to be used in the final design and their permitted locations.

The system is housed by two separate buildings, one which houses the gas analyser and instrumentation, built using mesh and colorbond sheeting to provide natural ventilation and security against unauthorized access, and another separate building which contains the communication and control equipment.

A calibration gas connection facilitates easy calibration of the analyser with a click of a button. Test gas cylinders have been incorporated into the design and are included in the sample gas sequence to verify accuracy at trigger points.


All systems designed on CAD

Emerson Analyser

Rosemount Instruments Used

Flow Path Optimised for Minimal Purge Time Between Points

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Tube Bundle System Emerson X-Stream XE Manual